Cate West - The Vanishing Files

Cate West - The Vanishing Files

Help Cate to solve the cases in The Vanishing Files, in this seek & find game
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Cate West: The Vanishing Files is another edition of the Cate West series. For those who know the other editions we must say that there are no many changes in this one. The scenario and story of the game turns around the story of Cate, a young girl who investigates mysterious cases, in this edition, the case of “The Vanishing Files”.
The game could be categorized into the “seek & find” category. Even when there are lots of games categorized in this category, this game is pretty different from others. The game is organized into chapters, in each chapter you’ll need to solve a case in The Vanishing Files to uncover the story. Each case is divided into 5 parts:
1. Finding Clues: in this part you must search the crime scenes for clues as listed on the left side of the screen. When you find a clue, click on it to collect it. You will need to find a certain number of clues for each case.
2. Finding Evidence: each evidence is broken into different parts and scattered in a crime scene. You must use the pictorial guide to find each part. Click on each part in the scene and collect all of them to assemble the evidence.
3. Confirming Criminal’s Hideout: to confirm a criminal’s hideout, you’ll need to find the differences between the photograph and Cate’s vision.
4. Find the Correct Criminal: you can click on the evidence that you found to uncover more clues about the criminal. Use these descriptions and the Hideout to identify the criminal. Move over a suspect’s picture for his/her profile and click on it to make an arrest.
5. Testify in Court by Matching the Crime Scene: in this part you must match your courtroom testimony with your memory of the crime scene. Place objects in the correct spots so that both sides match.
If you get stuck at any moment you have three hints available to locate the hidden items. Each time you use a hint, it will need to finish reloading before you can use it again. The fewer Hints you use, the more bonus points you will receive.
When you first enter the game, you’ll be asked for a player name and then you’ll get to the main menu with the following options on it:
- Change Player: the first time there’s no existing player. After you create one or more, they’ll be saved. When you enter into this submenu, you’ll be asked for a name as a new player. It’s possible to have a list of different profiles and record their performance. This way, you can play home tournaments with family and friends.
- Play: to start playing the game in the story mode, after viewing the game introduction.
- Options: this is the menu from which you can set some game options like sound volume, music volume, and full/windowed screen.
- More Features: this leads you to a submenu where you’ll find the following options:
- How to Play: to view some rules information to help you to get started.
- High Scores: to view the best scores.
- Credits & Exit: no further explanation required.
You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 19.99 dollars, right from the Sun Bear Games Center, on the Web.
About the system requirements, is not that big computer that you need in order to run this game. Take a look to the list:
• OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
• Memory: 256 MB
• DirectX: 7.0 or later
• CPU: P 1.0GHz

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Lionel Mira
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  • It has great graphics and sound effects
  • It’s a very interesting game since its complexity
  • You can buy it for an affordable price


  • The interface is only available in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported


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